Cableway Transportation

Vatra Dornei resort offers ski lovers three ski slopes:
– Partia Veverita 800 m long, 180 m level difference, equipped with lifts, installation of artificial snow, night.
– Partia Telescaun 3200 m long, 400 m difference in height, type cableway chairlift and two babyschiuri;
– Partia Parc: 900 m long, 150 m difference in level two cable lifts type ski lift and 1 baby;
At the same time, the chairlift from vatra Dornei can be used in the rest of the year for a special walk in nature to an altitude of about 1260 m. The ascent takes 25 minutes.


In the cold season, for tourists are available five dedicated slopes for winter sports, and one devoted to cross-country skiing.

„Dealu Negru” Slope (sometimes called ski slope “Chairlift”) has a length of 3,200 meters and is ranked second in Romania in terms of length. The slope has a difference of 400 meters and a medium difficulty, is intended to amateurs rather than the professional skiers, with some steep slopes, but not causing problems for practitioners of this sport. The slope has a chairlift with a capacity of 120 seats with two places. Running chair lift is 3,000 meters. The base is located in Negreşti and ends at the highest point of the hill (1,300 meters). The ascent is carried to the top of the north slope of Black Hill. Duration of the climb of the chairlift is about 20-25 minutes so that the mountain lovers can admire the picturesque landscapes of several mountain ranges surrounding the depression. Transport chairlift is available in all seasons, but it is busiest in the summer and the winter. “Dealu Negru” slope benefits from artificial snow installation of conveyor.

The ski slope “Park” has a length of 900 meters with an average inclination of 28.5 ° and a difference of about 150 meters. It is located in the center of Wah, near Central Park, and is one of the most visited ski slopes in the north. At its heart is a track of snow tubing and ski school “Euroski”. Party has a medium difficulty, is equipped with snow cannons, night lighting and receive transport chairlift ski lift provided by the park. It includes a baby-ski Children and route length of 230 meters. The base is located on Park Street.

Following the ski slope „Parc” is  „Poienița” slope (also called „Parc 2”),  with a length of 550 meters and a height difference of 50 meters. Parties have an optimum width for beginners and children, with a low degree of difficulty.

The ski slope „Veverița” is located in the vicinity of the “park”, making access both on Park Street and the Parties’ Park 2 “. Part was inaugurated on 6 March 2011. It has a length of 780 meters and a height difference of 200 meters. The difficulty level is medium. Take advantage of night lighting, artificial snow production facility and installation of lifts (ski lift bipost).

In addition to the four alpine ski slopes, there are slope “Dealu Runc”, dedicated to the practice of skiing and situated in the upper part of the slope continue “squirrel”. It has a length of 5,000 meters and a low degree of difficulty and is recommended for beginners. No benefit from night lighting, artificial snow or lifts.

Equestrian Tourism


Equestrian tourism can be practiced even by the unexperienced people. It is recommended, especially to the very stressed people, being known that horses have a calming effec,t but also those who want to have a nice ride, horse riding is a sport that, despite appareances puts all muscles to work.
Vatra Dornei provides ample opportunities for equestrian tourism: Riding or horse rides. Core activities within the National Park Căliman horseback tourism has a very good record up now evolving as a result of requests and plug it enjoyed among the customers attendees. Created a series of trails and equestrian tourism offers adequate and were purchased equipment and horses all tastes. The routes have different difficulty levels: Easy (with durations between two and up to four hours) and complex (one and up to five days).
– Initiation in the saddle for beginners (riding lessons in riding stables).
– Excursion on short routes with a low degree of difficulty (1-3 hours)
– Excursion on a mountain trail one day (5-7 hours) without overnight stay (away food)
– Excursion on the trails for several days (2-6 days) with overnight tent, rustic or rural locations
– Walk with traditional Caruth
– Sleigh rides
– Horseback riding short journey, with a low degree of difficulty (1-3 hours)

Mountain Tourism

platou giumalau

Hiking is a good opportunity for active relaxation, knowledge of the area and observation of nature. Whether you are in Wah or in any of the villages in the area, you can choose to spend a few hours or a few days exploring the mountain. If you have the proper equipment and a map you can venture out on their own, but can be guided and chatelaine or call one of the local guides who will take you on mountain trails and will share the stories of the area and secrets the charm and uniqueness that take them.
See here the maps and mountain trails.

Mountain Bike

mountain bike

We propose:
A. A 82-km circuit that massive traverseză Giumalău, Suhard and Obcina Mestecănişului.
– Asphalt: 2 km
– Classification: difficult
– Satisfaction: maximum
– Variants: the route may be discontinued at Cabana Giumalău Step Mestecăniş or village Ciocăneşti

B. Short hikings on the trails of Suhard, Bistriţei, Călimani or Giumalău mountains.

Climbing and Mountaineering


Climbing and mountaineering: In Rarau mountins, the “Pietrele Doamnei” massif offers more than 100 routes with varying degrees of difficulty where you can discover the secrets of climbing at amateur or professional competitions.

Nordik - Walking


Nordic Walking has emerged in Finland at the beginning of last century, when the Finnish skiers began using in summer workouts and ski poles. This sport was “rediscovered” in 1992 in the US (Walking Poles). Soon the amazing results of this sport have triggered the late ’90s, exploding among Finns and beyond. Benefits from practicing NW did it become a mass sport in a number of countries in the world, especially in Austria, Germany and Scandinavian countries.
The current trend shows that Nordic Walking is considered the sport with the largest growth in Western Europe. Due to health maintenance characteristics, this sport can be practiced by people of different ages, from children to the elderly, including those with impaired health. Health insurance in many countries encourages this sport, reimbursing costs incurred in its practice.
The total length of the routes arranged Worcester is about 45 km. Routes R1 – R4 are intended Nordik’s walking and R5 and R6 for mountain biking.

Lenght: 9,2 km
Altitude difference: 464 m

Lenght: 4,7 km
Altitude difference: 305 m

Lenght: 5,6 km
Altitude difference: 309 m

Lenght: 2 km
Altitude difference: 39 m

Lenght: 10,8 km
Altitude difference: 107 m

Lenghte: 12,1 km
Altitude difference: 440 m


tir paintball

This is a sport in which players learn about teamwork, gain confidence in themselves, develop leadership skills and have fun, while releasing the stress.
Increasingly more companies discover the benefits of participating great staff and company management in such games, instead of traditional picnics.
Paintball is an exciting sport, and above all, is fun! It is an opportunity to forget your daily responsibilities and to find the taste of fun. When adrenaline starts to grow you can not fall in love with the thrill of the game!

Călimani National Park


Covering an area of ​​about 24,000 ha. Country area included in Dorna is distinguished by the presence of volcanic calderas huge, with a diameter of about 10 km, it is one of the largest in Europe. Its crest required by towering peaks over 2000 m, present and secondary ridge west.
Reservations and points of interest:
• volcanic caldera main ridge of the major peaks over 2000 m
• Nature Reserve 12 Apostles and 12 Apostles Thematic Trail
• Scientific Reserve with Pinus cembra Molidiş
• Iezer Lake Nature Reserve (southern part of the caldera)
• Hermitage “cold water” (near the peak. Lucaciu) with access from Poiana Blacks
The main points of access paths: Haitii Mouth, Wah, Poiana Negri, Saru Dornei, Poiana Stampa, Dornişoara
Activities permitted in Calimani National Park: Hiking (with overnight stay possibility only in special campsites, equestrian tourism, skiing
Accommodation / Camping: • Reţitiş tourist cottage near the station şeteo Reţitiş;
• In Calimani National Park camping sites are clearly defined – see maps on the camping

River rafting


The most economically and environmentally friendly (along with cycling) is rafting. offering potential tourists the possibility to admire the Dorna Country , mountain ridges of Bistrita, Giumalau and Rarău
Route 1 has a starting point and Golden Bistrita confluence of Dorna and the terminus is Zugreni – Bistrita Gorge.
Distance: 22 km.
Travel time: 2 ½ – 3:00
Route 2 has as a starting point cross town (36 km from Worcester) and point of arrival at Barnar.
Distance 10 km
Time to go 1 ¼ – 1 ½ hours

Ski Touring


Suhardului Crests, Giumalaului, Bistrita and Calimanului are destinations that attract countless fans of skiing, with possibilities to make circuit paths from 1 day to 4 days.

Via Ferrata & Flying Fox


Via ferrata and Tyrolean – to cross the river valleys or steel ropes and cables
The ambition to succeed and courage to overcome his fears and to try sensations possible only under the guidance opinion.
Via ferrata and flying fox is crossing a valley, river or sea height negotiating a route using cables, ropes, pulleys systems, etc.