Spa Tourism


Famous for its spa services since the nineteenth century, Vatra Dornei is known today as a resort for all ages, addressing both people who want to strengthen the body through mountain climbing or winter sports and the who want to rest in a bioclimatic tonic with beneficial influence on the nervous system.

To restore health, Vatra Dornei offers natural treatment factors such as:

– Carbonated mineral water springs

– Hot springs, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and sulfur

– Natural salt pits high purity and concentration of CO2

– Peat mud of Poiana Stampa.

Prevention, diseases of the cardiovascular system, electrical mobility and the associated may find healing here at Wah through a courtyards foreign-based bathrooms carbonated baths, herbs, showers, thermotherapy (mud and paraffin) electrotherapy and phototherapy, and pulmoterapie (aerosols sulphurous water and medicines). We must not forget the gym basin kinetic physical therapy, massage, diet and mofettes field.

Free your mind and enjoy the benefits of a special bathroom! Baile treatment gives you a unique experience! Just relax and allow your senses to be thrilled! Moreover, do not forget the extraordinary benefits brought by these treatments your health.

Mens sana in corpore sano!